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I randomly walk around the kitchen, bugging my mom to let me see and smell what she is cooking. After much coaxing, she finally lifts the plate covering the kadhai, and the aroma of freshly cooked paneer bhurji hits my nostrils and floods me with memories of my younger years. How…


drowning. drowning in a pool infested by thoughts. swishing, pulling, fish-like. colorful. blinding. stop. What am I? i am everything that i am made of. no, not just the body that ever-beating heart the never stopping mind. i am everything that i have experienced. i am everything that i own. i am my virtues, i … More drowning.

My Fur Babie

Hullo. My family recently adopted a little one and a half year old stray pupper, who we named S’more. He is having the best time, loaded with his favorite treatos and going hiking everyday. He used to reside on the streets of our society, and had a multitude of frendos that came to pet him … More My Fur Babie

Ranga’s Marriage: Hypocritical Socio-political Agendas in the 21st Century

Hello! This is a plea for my people to sign this petition (I know it’s on, but I think if we can get this to enough signatures, we’ll be able to do something about it) regarding spreading messages about child marriage. We have a chapter in our textbook which is pro-child marriage, and that’s … More Ranga’s Marriage: Hypocritical Socio-political Agendas in the 21st Century

Happy birthday mommy!

pristine blush. smooth, unruffled manner like a hush, perfectly coupled with beautiful character. careful decisions la fenêtre, into her open soul she envisions so much, for her loved ones judge of disposition she runs along, with the dreams to bring them to fruition. Happy birthday mommy!