About Moi

Hi! I’m thefeministwriterwhogoesmeh, if that hadn’t already been made clear, hehe. I started this blog as an outlet for my overcrowded thoughts. I prefer to stay anonymous in this space because it’s like a medium for me to express myself when I am unable to do so in a satisfactory way in real life. I love to write for the same reason I love to paint: I feel free when I do it!

I aim to make a change, however small it may be, with my writing. I hope to spread a smol message that we unfortunately don’t see too often in our world: Live Life to the Fullest! Have fun, take things as they come. Life is too short to take things seriously (paraphrased from one of my favorite books, The Palace of Illusions).

I hope you enjoy your time here!

P.S. These are some other things I’ve written.