Thefeministwriterwhogoesmeh blog is a collection of random musings, the occasional photography and some poetry.

Hi, I’d prefer to stay anonymous. I call myself the feministwriterwhogoesmeh because I’m a feminist who writes (though not necessarily about feminism). I go meh because I’ve found that sometimes it’s easier to take things lightly and just take life as it comes. Below are my posts, feedback is appreciated!

Happy birthday mommy!

pristine blush. smooth, unruffled manner like a hush, perfectly coupled with beautiful character. careful decisions la fenêtre, into her open soul she envisions so much, for her loved ones judge of disposition she runs along, with the dreams to bring them to fruition. Happy birthday mommy!

Random thoughts: Raksha Bandhan

I don’t know why, but I love to put mehndi on my hands. It looks so graceful, and it helps that my mother is extremely talented at making mehndi designs. I went over to my favorite uncle’s house to meet some family, for the occasion of raksha bandhan. Raksha bandhan is a sorta festival where … More Random thoughts: Raksha Bandhan

Photo Dump with Frens

My friends and I met up, and one of them is obsessed with taking pictures of everything. The following ensued: We’d decided on making brownies and pizza, and another friend’s mom made this delicious, creamy farfalle that I fell in love with. There are these mini stray cats with their momma who come to whine … More Photo Dump with Frens


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