Thefeministwriterwhogoesmeh blog is a collection of random musings, the occasional photography and some poetry.

Hi, I’d prefer to stay anonymous. I call myself the feministwriterwhogoesmeh because I’m a feminist who writes (though not necessarily about feminism). I go meh because I’ve found that sometimes it’s easier to take things lightly and just take life as it comes. Below are my posts, feedback is appreciated!

lavender serenity

light breeze, peaceful plays gracefully light blues, pinks sublime smooth waves of freshness, lavender hues waft through open windows of the soul giving comfort serenity

Be Kind to Your Mind

A modicum of doubtA modicum of worryMight just pull youInto a rather thick curry Of thoughts and regretsOf things already doneOr too much planningFor the things yet to come Lost, lostIn a tumultuous worldTossed aroundCan’t be brought back in a whirl But, tell me dear friendFor surely as doubt can turn into poisonous rainCan’t a…

This color of skin

“Run!” she cried. “Run!” Gunshots.  She woke up in a cold sweat, shivering.  “Hey honey.”  “Hey dad.” “You look tired.” “Yeah. I had a nightmare again.” “The same one?” “Yeah.” She trembled involuntarily. “Where’s mom?” “Still sleeping. So is your brother.” She looked out the window. The sky was a lovely mauve, the lavender of…


Just something I wrote, what seems to be like, a long time ago. Given that I haven’t been able to devote enough time to my blog, it’s nice to look at the older things I’ve written.


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