Tea with Beatrice

“And I says to her, I like people, ya know? Not in-de-vedge-you-ally, but in the background. I enjoy seeing ’em in the evenings, it’s nice to see couples walking around, kids with their parents. Now, when it comes to large gatherings, you’ll never see me there! I always say that I’m sick and coming down … More Tea with Beatrice

Rainy Day Playlist

That’s literally what I named this playlist. Since I’ve been a bitch and neglected my blog, I felt the need to post something. It’s raining where I am, and it’s lovely. These are a few songs I put together that I think sound so good on a rainy day. What are your favorite songs to … More Rainy Day Playlist

Hedy, I tried.

Hedy, I think this sorta worked out? I was feeling rather whimsical today morning, so after making the Mother’s Day card that I forgot to make, I started doodling with some watercolor. This is ze result. Does it work?

POV: Am I a glonk?

POV: You’ve just finished Anna Karenina and you wonder if it would have been any different in the original language. Not a very interesting point of view, but it is mine so bear with me. I’m learning the Russian language! And I can’t remember half of the words that I learnt today. I was planning … More POV: Am I a glonk?

My feminism

Hello my people. I know that I said a (freakishly) short time ago that I am on hiatus due to the fact that I am writing a ✨book✨. However, I ended up finishing the writing extremely fast (I couldn’t stop once I started, much to the disgruntlement of my parents, hehe). Ze publishing will take … More My feminism

La vie en rose

Hold me close, and hold me fast This magic spell you cast This is la vie en rose I’ve recently started following this singer on YouTube, called Daniela Andrade (this song she sang popped up in my recommended somehow). She has an ethereal voice. Anyhow, this is the song that I listened to: I listened … More La vie en rose

Hope and Mountains

It’s always fun to take a long drive to nowhere in particular because it has the air of an unplanned adventure. However, I’ve got a story that has a great significance in my life as of now, about a drive to a smol place. This place was my grandparents’ town, and we were exhaustedly eager … More Hope and Mountains

no words, and yet here we are.

falling……..falling…….breathing is heavypush them awaygive me some peaceor is that far too much to ask?sanity is on leaseand mind is put to taski need a rayof sunshinemaybe, this is a levyfor too muchgoodness,happiness? The rhyme scheme of this poem is A, A, B, C, D, E, D, E, C, F, B, G, H, H.