POV: Am I a glonk?

POV: You’ve just finished Anna Karenina and you wonder if it would have been any different in the original language.

Not a very interesting point of view, but it is mine so bear with me. I’m learning the Russian language! And I can’t remember half of the words that I learnt today. I was planning to learn it on my own, but I decided that that would be a shitload of work to do, especially since Russian is one of the hardest languages to learn apparently. So I got a Duolingo account, and I must say, learning Russian is becoming one hell of a journey.

I’m being melodramatic. It’s fun being melodramatic, teehee. I just started learning the cyrillic alphabet and some словарь (vocabulary in Russian, google translated, guilty as charged). But it’s fun! And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve a hell lot of time on my hands. So мир out my dudes, until later.

38 thoughts on “POV: Am I a glonk?

  1. Learning Russian is a doddle compering with Hindi or Chinese! I learn Russian as a child by taking a word that is the same in many languages, like for example CROCODILE, and using Russian KROKODILE to compare the letters. You can learn the alphabet easily.


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    1. That’s so cool! Hindi isn’t that hard, btw. I had to learn it in the 4th grade coz I was moving to India (and unfortunately, it happens to be one of the compulsory subjects). But I suppose that anything we learn when we are young seems easy once we grow up, innit?

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I never got the opportunity to do so either (unless you count school, where I learned French for 4 years). Duolingo is an app where you can learn a language either from scratch or (if you have previous experience with that particular language) wherever you need to start from.

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  2. You reminded me of this site. I should really start using it. I’d love to start learning a new language. And Russian would be awesome, though rather hard as you pointed out. Stay safe!


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