Hedy, I tried.

Hedy, I think this sorta worked out?

I was feeling rather whimsical today morning, so after making the Mother’s Day card that I forgot to make, I started doodling with some watercolor. This is ze result.

Does it work?

26 thoughts on “Hedy, I tried.

  1. 💜 YOU!!! don’t wanna know what I have just written about mothers; the pic is perfect


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      1. 💜 Then don’t “forget HER!!! mothers day card”; like I Do “forget” and YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome and Fortunate to Have a Mom YOU!!! Have Zero Issues with unlike Most of Us


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      2. 💜 Awesome!!! ARE Marvellous Moms; a Nod in The Direction of Yoda


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  2. The card is fine as long as you are doing something real nice for her too. Yeah..adulthood is such a drag.
    Well..unless she was abusive. If she was abusive she doesn’t deserve a nice card. Meh.

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