Pasta la vista, baby!

I am in a beautiful mood right now. I had some lovely pasta and I discovered a new song, something that I don’t do very often, and when I do, it’s generally not to my taste. However, this time, I seem to have hit the jackpot! This fabulous song is ‘joyride’ by Mysie.  Ah! I … More Pasta la vista, baby!

Photo Dump with Frens

My friends and I met up, and one of them is obsessed with taking pictures of everything. The following ensued: We’d decided on making brownies and pizza, and another friend’s mom made this delicious, creamy farfalle that I fell in love with. There are these mini stray cats with their momma who come to whine … More Photo Dump with Frens

La vie en rose

Hold me close, and hold me fast This magic spell you cast This is la vie en rose I’ve recently started following this singer on YouTube, called Daniela Andrade (this song she sang popped up in my recommended somehow). She has an ethereal voice. Anyhow, this is the song that I listened to: I listened … More La vie en rose

That Diwali Feeling

The sky is pitch black, and the air is blowing a quiet wind. Suddenly, there is a loud BOOM, and an explosion of colors lights up the sombre sky. Of course, the atmosphere or माहौल is full of delight and festivity. Houses are illumined by fairy lights and colorful diyas, with an orangish-zesty flame. Rangolis, … More That Diwali Feeling


I randomly walk around the kitchen, bugging my mom to let me see and smell what she is cooking. After much coaxing, she finally lifts the plate covering the kadhai, and the aroma of freshly cooked paneer bhurji hits my nostrils and floods me with memories of my younger years. How we used to go … More Memories