Happy Birthday Ashmie! You are a brilliant artist, and we wanted to show the world that on yer birthday. You are one helluva person, and you need just a bit of motivation to keep striving for the heights (wow, I am an old librarian) and achieving your highest potential. Check the comments below to see what people think about this small section of your beautiful art!

P.S. – It was rather difficult getting pictures of your drawings surreptitiously, so we suppose you must have had some suspicions, hehe.

76 thoughts on “Euphoria

  1. Happy birthday to the most amazing friend to the most cute friend to the most crazy friend and ofc to the most lazy friend❣️
    Happy birthday asmi..i miss you so so much i hope we meet soon❤️ Njoyy your day..stay home stay safe…keep smiling dear god bless you✨❣️❤️


  2. Happy birthday asmi. You are a really good artist, keep up your good work. Enjoy your day. May God bless you.


  3. Happy birthday asmi 😘😘😘even though we have lost touch but I would never forget your sketches which made our heart ❤❤💕💖boom💣💥💣💥💣💥….. Stay home and stay safe!!!


  4. Happy Birthday Day ALIEN💜💜💜
    Ily you’re an amazing person and the best friend anyone can have ..we’ve drifted apart but you’ve always been super supportive and ily loads


  5. Happy Birthday Asmi!!!!
    You are sooooooo kind and an extraordinary friend. Hope you have an amazing life ahead. We all love you so much
    and those sketches are out of the world…….phenomenal 🤯🔥💯


  6. happy birthday!! these drawings are so good ohmygod. you’re really great at shading and tbh everything. have an amazing quarantined birthday


  7. Wow Asmi.. the sketches and paintings are so amazing!! You can achieve great in this field.. very good work.

    Wish you a very happy birthday, enjoy your day and stay safe


      1. Nope, you are part of what we call evolution of music. It’s inevitable, they are future of of music industry. In fact I heard few named blackpink , dint suit my taste buds.

        I am more of a rock purist, I like music when it comes from instruments rather than computers and simulator.

        Enjoy your passion with pencil, you are obviously great at it.

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  8. All the paintings are awesome….i loved Jin, Jhope, Rosé, Lisa’s painting and that heart was just so real….. A very belated happy birthday dear and keep up with your drawing skills… 😀

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