Quite a Scare (part III)

You can find the link to part 1 and part 2 here.

Terror gripped my heart. I took hold of the seat next to me, and slowly stood up. “Please stop the bus.” The driver abruptly stopped the bus, but not without asking why. “My sister is still in our cabin. I must go get her.” “Wait!” I turned around. “We’ll come with you,” my parents said in unison. “No! It’s too dangerous.” “You can’t go alone,” they said. “Too bad,” I said, and jump off the bus. Someone threw a knife to me and said, “Take it for protection.” I deftly caught it.

Please, please let there be no wolves in my path. I swiftly looked around. Looks clear. I ran ahead as fast as I could have. A knot was beginning to rise in my throat. I felt so guilty for having kept my sister trapped in the cabin, all alone. It’s all my fault. I hope she’s okay. I’m like, the worst sister ever.

I stopped running about half of the way through. I was so exhausted. This is what you get when you never bother to exercise. Ugh. The poor little kid is stuck inside the cabin and I’m here resting.

My legs ache, my throat is parched, the sun is bearing down on me, and my head is spinning. I run a couple of hundred meters more, and then stop. I’m too tired to go on, and am about to collapse. And then I hear a feral sound, like a growl. Instantly I knew. Now’s not the time to freeze and play dead. It knows I’m alive.

I tighten my grip on the knife’s handle, and slowly turn around. There it is. A wolf. I thank my stars that it isn’t a pack.

I hold the knife behind my back, and observe my opponent. It’s big, yellowish-grey eyes complement the surprisingly clean grayish-white fur. The well rounded head stood in contrast with the sharp, triangular ears. I was momentarily fascinated. What a beautiful animal.

Its mouth was hanging open just a bit, so I could see its crooked, uneven teeth. The teeth had faint traces of… Are those bloodstains? I almost stumbled to the ground in horror. It yawned, and then licked its lips. I chose that moment to take my knife up front. The reflection of the glinting metal shone in the wolf’s eyes. It almost looked evil for a few seconds.

I lunged forward and attempted to stab it, but it swiftly moved aside. I raised my hand high, in another attempt at stabbing it, but it lunged at me instead. It knocked me down. Fear paralyzed me for a second. It brought its mouth close to my shoulder, but then I regained my wits and rounded the knife into its back. It howled and dropped its head onto my shoulder.

Unfortunately for me, its mouth was still open as it fell, and its teeth sunk into my shoulder. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. I lay like that for a minute, and then silently extracted the wolf’s teeth from my shoulder, and weakly shoved it off of my body. I closed my eyes. Why? Why did I have to forget my sister? Now, I’m just gonna die here, all by myself, and she’s still gonna be stuck there. With the wolves.

That last thought gave me strength. I slowly got up, and was careful not to move the injured shoulder. I ripped off the ankles of my pants, and tied the cloth around the wound to staunch the blood flow. I held it in place, and gathered the resolve to begin running again.

Eventually, I reach the cabin. I unlock the door, and there she is. Huddled on the bed, crying.

“Hey! Hey… don’t cry. It’ll be alright. I found mommy and daddy.” I go and hug her tight. It’s funny how moments like this make you realize how much a person means to you. Hmm.

“Alright, we’ve gotta move.” “Okay,” she sniffles. I grip her hand tightly, and and step out. I see a fallen bike near the bushes. How convenient. I tell her to get on the seating extension at the back, and then get on myself. I scan the vicinity for threats and see none. I start peddling as fast as I can, with my sister holding on tightly.


We reach the bus, and hurriedly climb on. I let out a long sigh. “Wasn’t that quite a scare?” I ask the person next to me. He shrugs and points to my shoulder. “What happened to your shoulder?” “Oh, you don’t want to know.” I chuckle and sit down.


18 thoughts on “Quite a Scare (part III)

  1. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope something is wrong, a random girl who’s untrained and not in the habit of working out doesn’t just go up against a wolf and come out alive. You are dead. Your sister is also dead. The whole bus is dead. You are all ghosts at the end of the story, but you don’t realize it.


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