The Decency Argument: How far are we willing to go?

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Plus and Minus

Society consists of a crude and relative homogeneity of some interesting ideals: some designed to protect, and others designed to encroach. Read into that what you will.

One of these societal ideals is the argument about decency. The standard of decency is widely agreed upon, traditionally. There are standards that we are expected to live up to – these simply conform to the moral principles that we, as a society, have put in place.

Of course, these standards are applicable to two worlds in general – a world where children are exposed to ‘reality’, and a world where children are hidden from it. This reality is case-applicable. According to the former, it has to do with a balanced exposure from the safety of early childhood. It provides too sharp a contrast and in order to prevent that, parents aim to give their kids exposure little by little, to what is…

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