A Take on Polarising Society: Feminism

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Feminism is a term that refers to the equality of the sexes. Over the years, it’s acquired different connotations, negative and positive. It’s very easy to laugh off the radicality of 21st century feminism. It’s difficult to face the harsh realities that both men and women have to face, seeing as it’s much simpler to ignore them.

Feminism is something that was introduced to me a long time ago, but actually became something serious for me about two years back; however, my perception of feminism back then varied greatly to what I consider it to be today. The feminism that I used to be an advocate of was a negative interpretation; it leaned more towards the misandry and not so much towards equality. Now, I mention the word ‘interpretation’ here; how we interpret an idea is affected by our social environment. I was prone to reading a lot of negative…

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