My Fur Babie

Hullo. My family recently adopted a little one and a half year old stray pupper, who we named S’more. He is having the best time, loaded with his favorite treatos and going hiking everyday.

He used to reside on the streets of our society, and had a multitude of frendos that came to pet him and give him his favorite belly rubs. Unfortunately, there was a sorta misunderstanding with a child that annoyed him. He supposedly bit the child, but upon further examination, it was found that the child wasn’t bit by him. Even more unfortunately, this revelation was made a few days after the local dog catchers took him away. We looked for him for 5 days, and found him finally in a horrible dog pound, anxious and horribly scared.

It was then that we made the decision of adopting him. I think it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made.

Having a dog in the house is such a wonderful thing. The wordless souls exude happiness and positivity, regardless of what they’ve been through. The pound has left quite an impact on S’more, so he has a little bit of separation and regular anxiety.

This is his lullaby.

This is him.

I feel like he’s been sent to help me heal too. I’ve been so much happier with him around, the little pupper. We’re discovering new things everyday!

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