Forge a Bond

Forge a bond Dip it in molten steel Reinforce it It’ll be easier to feel Forge a bond There’ll be sacrifice Some easy, some not But then, you won’t need to roll the dice Forge a bond It’ll need time But it’s significance Surpasses that of a dime

Random Thoughts: Music (Part II)

You can find the first part of this series here. This post shall be about a song that doesn’t bring too much imagery to mind, but has some very special and very vague memories associated with it (vague, coz I was precisely 3 when I first heard it). The name of the song is Mi … More Random Thoughts: Music (Part II)

Her nature

Stones. Lots of stones. They reminded her of the metaphorical ones in her head, ever-present to burden. She stuck her snout out of the window* and was greeted by a gust of wind, inhibiting her breathing, but exhilarating at the same time. It felt like those burdens were melting away with the moody weather. She … More Her nature


All that new age re-flipover of what beauty actually is. They started off with only stereotyped looks and color discrimination (all that Fair & Lovely tho). Then we had that concept of inner beauty and being beautiful, just the way you are (on the inside or the outside?). And the pendulum has begun its journey … More Inspiration

Let go

Stress stifled her, like an asphyxiating pillow placed unerringly on her mind and shoulders. She thought over her priorities, and talked about them to her loved ones. Then, the stress disintegrated, as a cloud of smoke fades away, slowly. She enjoyed the rest of her evening.

Random thoughts: Trees

The flowers are in bloom. Everywhere I look, there is a vibrancy of colors! I see a slightly bent over tree, with streamlined, sap-green leaves and flowers of a shade of lavender. The petals have cascaded onto the prickly, viridian grass, and the burnt sienna of the ‘omnipresent’ dirt provides a stark contrast to them. … More Random thoughts: Trees


Happy Birthday Ashmie! You are a brilliant artist, and we wanted to show the world that on yer birthday. You are one helluva person, and you need just a bit of motivation to keep striving for the heights (wow, I am an old librarian) and achieving your highest potential. Check the comments below to see … More Euphoria