All that new age re-flipover of what beauty actually is. They started off with only stereotyped looks and color discrimination (all that Fair & Lovely tho). Then we had that concept of inner beauty and being beautiful, just the way you are (on the inside or the outside?). And the pendulum has begun its journey back to the other side, but hasn’t quite completed it yet.

But let’s go back to that widely-interpreted idea of ‘inner beauty’. As per my understanding, it refers to one’s good (if not great) deeds, or rising out of a morass or victimhood. But must the sufferings and hardships always be on such a large scale? For them to be recognized, at least? I suppose so. Other than the oft-quoted stories of the successful, erstwhile-deprived, we don’t generally hear about smaller struggles.

It’s all based on the accident of birth. Whether one is born into a rich family or poor, ostracized or accepted, it isn’t fair to judge them because of their achievements. Shore, I’ve had pretty much everything served to me on a silver platter since the day I was born (as teachers are so fond of saying), but I’ve undergone different hardships and struggles. And those just ain’t gonna make it to the front page of the paper, coz they seem trivial as compared to the hardships borne by those of the lesser-privileged classes.

What I’m tryna say here is, even if people try to push you down because you haven’t achieved anything notable by society, it doesn’t mean that you don’t try hard. Unfortunately, it’s a dual point when sections of society are compared. Something that might seem small to one dude, like being stressed out because I don’t get how to do a math problem, seems gargantuan to me. But I might find something that they find absolutely amazing and brilliant and front-page worthy, trivial. It is a matter of perspective.

Struggling to study and pass and find a suitable paying job is encompassed by the great achievements of those who are capable of not just passing, but passing with distinction and finding jobs of high distinction. Don’t belittle those achievements; they were won with great hard work and struggle as well, but don’t think of yourself as less.

We, as a people, must create safe environments where small things are given due appreciation as well. Offering an ear for a fellow hooman’s struggles seems small, but is a great act of kindness. It feels like a lot when someone who cares for you appreciates what you do. Or at least acknowledges that you have gone through that struggle.

Appreciate yourself for your qualities, and don’t attempt to demotivate another by demeaning their’s.

Love yourself, and don’t succumb to the pressures of society.

(Hey, let’s add in a few noice hashtags that probably won’t catch on, but whateva) #KeepItSimple. #SmallThingsMatter #LoveYourself

10 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Finding value in our lives can be a very simple act. When things are difficult, look at what you do have. You spoke of trying to pass a test. Be grateful you woke up today and have the opportunity to sit for that test. Sounds extra simple. But look at the basics. You will find worth. Good subject. I appreciate your thoughts and writing. 🙂

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