Random Thoughts: Music (Part II)

You can find the first part of this series here.

This post shall be about a song that doesn’t bring too much imagery to mind, but has some very special and very vague memories associated with it (vague, coz I was precisely 3 when I first heard it).

The name of the song is Mi Swing es Tropical and it’s a mix of Latin and electronic music. It’s quirky, but lovable.

Electric ruckus. Cars honking, lights flashing, loud voices. Her short stature made the people look like awe-inspiring, glittery giants. She tried to tune out her surroundings.

Suddenly (cue music), strange sounds started blasting out of speakers. She glanced towards the source of the sound, only to see a large white screen with colorful silhouettes moving their virtual bodies to the rhythm. Huh? She shook her head and tried to relate it to any sound that she might’ve heard before, but to no avail. She sat with her mouth open, entranced by the vision of the moving figures on the screen. The music (for it was safe to call it that now) began to get louder, drowning out the rest of the sounds, engulfing them all in a feeling of groovy. It had a certain rhythm, and a catchy one at that.

The giants began to clasp invisible maracas and shake them to the beat, twisting and turning to the interesting sound. It was like watching a movie. The confusing commotion of sounds might’ve otherwise frightened her, but she didn’t feel confused anymore, because she was one with the giants. In her little toddler seat, she too moved to the rhythm and embraced the cool feeling. The comfortable but electric feeling of fitting in with the others, and being no different.

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