Forge a Bond

Forge a bond

Dip it in molten steel

Reinforce it

It’ll be easier to feel

Forge a bond

There’ll be sacrifice

Some easy, some not

But then, you won’t need to roll the dice

Forge a bond

It’ll need time

But it’s significance

Surpasses that of a dime

4 thoughts on “Forge a Bond

  1. From the fire of the forge
    my grandfather
    on his anvil
    with heavy hammers
    became my childlike
    awareness forged

    the fire in me has remained
    but slowly
    the steel catches in me
    to run out
    to bend

    I have for the fogging
    than as for a horse’s hooves
    paid nothing myself

    the heavy breath
    my grandfather
    you weakness of old age
    has me the memory
    awakened to him

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