Random Thoughts: Music (Part III)

Just listen to it, it’s beautiful. Tell me what you think.

26 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Music (Part III)

      1. LOL. True. I wonder how his hair – and 12 year old boy looks – aged. Never followed his tracks when i grew up, damn :). too bad. may have blossomed into some quite “interesting” person indeed…or maybe not haha

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      2. now that I think…are you a male or a female feminist writer???? guess there can be feminist writers of both (or more) genders. Should revisit all your posts to see if I can get a hint!

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      3. i’m a gorl, but i sometimes wish i could be a guy. hmm, there are benefits to being a female tho. i call meself ‘the feminist writer’ coz i’m a feminist and i write; i don’t do them at the same time tho hehe

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      4. hey there, thanks for your kind support. Happy you liked reading some of those posts, but will probably be discontinuing work on the blog. i think i am done with WP and other social media, for quite a while. but do continue doing your great work here.


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