i shan’t name this.

When will I ever learn not to put photos of my paintings on my blog? They always end up being blurred and shitty-looking. Anyways, I ended up doing this lil’ painting yesterday, and I must say that I have seen way too many people doing the same one. But whatever, because I was gonna do … More i shan’t name this.

My feminism

Hello my people. I know that I said a (freakishly) short time ago that I am on hiatus due to the fact that I am writing a ✨book✨. However, I ended up finishing the writing extremely fast (I couldn’t stop once I started, much to the disgruntlement of my parents, hehe). Ze publishing will take … More My feminism

La vie en rose

Hold me close, and hold me fast This magic spell you cast This is la vie en rose I’ve recently started following this singer on YouTube, called Daniela Andrade (this song she sang popped up in my recommended somehow). She has an ethereal voice. Anyhow, this is the song that I listened to: I listened … More La vie en rose

how un-punny

I am a rather weird person. I was riding my cycle and was yeeted off of it unceremoniously, and ended up skinning my knee lightly. I was relating this incident to a good friend, and had a good laugh about it. I usually end my conversations with a derisive ‘teehee’. This time, I ended with … More how un-punny