Photo Dump with Frens

My friends and I met up, and one of them is obsessed with taking pictures of everything. The following ensued:

We’d decided on making brownies and pizza, and another friend’s mom made this delicious, creamy farfalle that I fell in love with. There are these mini stray cats with their momma who come to whine at the door of my friend’s house, and she lets them in to feed ’em. She says that she’s got a sorta ‘love-hate’ relationship with them, ‘coz this coming to the door and being let in is a sort of routine now. The momma cat looks tired of her chillun, and I don’t blame her. It’s difficult being a single mom, with no guarantee of food (if it weren’t for my friend). It’s a hard-knock life.

We used this video’s recipe for the brownies, but we reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup instead of a full cup, and it balanced the sweetness just right.

Below is the recipe for the pizzas. Beware, I’m not an Italian, but I like Italian food and putting my own spins on it.

It was so wonderful to meet my besties after so long (exams hindered us), except that one friend was sick. She joined in the festivities through video call. We talked, laughed (a lot), I made several stupid jokes, and it was very fun.

It’s elementary, dear Watson, to meet your friends every now and then and have a great time.

P.S. ~ I didn’t have any other photo of the pizzas, so the one in the pdf is just all of them placed haphazardly on a cooling rack. Artsy, tho.

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