I had an interesting conversation with my uncle the other day. He’s an artist, and he was looking through a couple of my paintings. I paint butterflies a lot, and I haven’t figured out why those particular lepidoptera (I had to search that up to seem witty) appealed to me so much. He asked me why I do though, and I had to think (I don’t do that very often).

~and so I thought.~

~and so I realized.~

Butterflies. What do they signify? To me, they symbolize freedom from constraint. They aren’t held back by ‘earthly barriers’. I also like the way they look. The patterns on their wings are so random. They remind me of the abstraction of the human mind. It is capable of great things, but also so messed up that it isn’t easily deciphered (or recognized). Perfection in a mass of scribbles.

~and so I painted this.~

I was gonna do an acrylic, but I felt like going free with some watercolor instead. It was fun :)).

On a lighter note, I was recently nominated for one of our blogging community awards, the ‘outstanding original blogger award‘ by Kashvee. Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven’t the time to participate. I didn’t want to half-ass it, so here we are :((. And there was another award, the ‘Liebster award‘ from Anish’s blog. I was then called ‘thefeministwriter’. (I didn’t go meh that time, apparently). I was nominated for this a shamelessly long time ago, and I forgot about it. I’m so sorry, I won’t be able to do this one either.

Peace out peeps.

37 thoughts on “Free

  1. “Perfection in a mass of scribbles.”
    What a beautiful way to describe such a beautiful creature. 💛
    I love your painting, and your thoughts are really profound. And congrats on your awards, my friend! Take care 🤗🦋

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  2. Your painting is really beautiful and creative!
    No problem, dear! I truly understand…. no need to be sorry 🙂
    Just keep posting such amazing blogs! Really liked your post….
    Have a good day! Awaiting your next post…

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  3. Dude, I couldn’t help chuckling to myself when you said, “They remind me of the abstraction of the human mind”. The Greek word for butterfly is psyche! Your subconscious got it right! Your painting is bright is ecstatic. ❤

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  4. i’ve literally just watched a documentary on butterflies and your post came up ahah. Totally agree! Butterflies are not constrained to only exist on land, and honestly, i’m jealous that they can just disappear anywhere they want with a flap of their wings. just a thought for you, i think one of the most significant things about the butterfly is how it changes from its caterpillar form. it really amazes me to think about that concept. i loved this blog ❤

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    1. That’s cool! What was the documentary called?
      Butterflies are very cool, I think if I had a spirit animal, they would fill the vacancy.
      That’s a very interesting notion. As I mentioned, I had to think of something on the spot somehow, and I didn’t consider that aspect. Metamorphosis is amazing, indeed.


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