de nature

bonjour mes amis (i’m feeling very french today). I went on a walk with my friend yesterday and happened to see these beauties on the side (they’ve always been there, but I never thought to take pictures of them). I played around with the filters (a lot) and these are the result!

30 thoughts on “de nature

      1. 💜 Párdònèè Mádámè, c’ést Jé Sùis Un Homme et votré frérè; mércì póùr là áttentíónè á mòìs


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      2. 💜 S’okay SupaSoulSis, Plenty of Sole Straight Divine Feminine Energy in Me; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that My Soul Spouse WILL!!! Get that Soon and Let Me KNOW!!! I AM HER!!! Husband


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      1. Well I haven’t shared any of it on my blog yet 😉 I definitely will be posting some photographs. I lovely clicking the birds here. At my place you can see a lot of migratory birds. The problem is they are too shy when they see the camera. 😊 I was planning to share some pics through my next post but I haven’t got the time to sit down with a draft lately ☺️

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