obscure beauty

Not perfect, but then again, what is?

23 thoughts on “obscure beauty

      1. 💜 Then We will just have to Agree-To-Disagree; as far as I AM Concerned I Have No “imperfections” NOT!!! Even “the small nuances”…it wasn’t always that way because I Was Raised and Conditioned to SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) MySelf as ImPerfect by Those who Knew No Better; a Direct Consequence was My Projection of My Perception of My Imperfections on to Others as I Perceived Them to be just like Me, “imperfect”…so I Sorted My Head Out by Admitting, Acknowledging, and Addressing My MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) and now I SEE MySelf as Being Perfect, ergo EveryOne and EveryThing Else is Just Perfect too; it doesn’t mean to say I Have Stopped Learning, Developing and Evolving, it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Ignorance is NOT!!! “imperfection” Ignorance is The Absence of Both the Knowledge and Wisdom that Powers Our Evolution


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