4 thoughts on “Why am I powerful?

    1. LOL. Everybody is different in their own way, be it in terms of beauty or talent. I meant that I am different because I don’t follow the convention; I wouldn’t blindly follow someone autocratic just because everyone around me is.


      1. Yes. I got that when I read the post, but I still wanted to put that comment there so that it is cleared up for readers.

        This whole thing about people following conventionality. You ever think long and deep about this?


      2. Yep. Humanity has changed alot, from wearing clothes to cooking our food on fire and so on. However, there have been negative aspects to this as well, as humanity progressed, we became different as people. Some ended up with more power than others. Some with power began misusing that power. Hence, conventionality came into being. People are conventional because they are scared of the consequences; but to get rid of this fear, we must step forward and encourage transparency, be less diplomatic, and stand up for our rights.

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