Beauty in Simplicity

I sat in my balcony, listening to some light music. It had been a stressful day. I needed to clear my head, and put my focus elsewhere. So I gazed at the majestic tree that had grown in front of our house.

It looked so serene, with its multitude of branches, standing out against the brilliant blue sky. The pinkish blossoms stood in stark contrast to the small, diamond-like leaves that were shaded with tones of emerald, that suggested that Spring was right around the corner.

The tree looked… frozen in space. Trapped in its pose for eons. And yet, doing so much for so many levels of life. It gave, without asking for anything in return. In its simplicity lay its energetic beauty.

21 thoughts on “Beauty in Simplicity

  1. “In its simplicity lay its energetic beauty.” 😃

    I really love that line 🤗

    Great job. I also sit down just looking and observing trees also 😅


  2. I love the simplistic beauty of the tree you describe, and the way in which you’ve eloquently written these words. ❤ Isn’t it amazing how on many of our very worst days, nature’s healing balm calms and calms our weary souls? The more connected we are to the simple beauty of nature’s life around us, the more disconnected we are from all that stresses us.

    I’m so glad you had this moment and were able to remember what is so spectacular about life. Simply being. Present through it all. Much love to you!

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