Quite a Scare (part II)

You can find the link to part 1 here.

I try to gather my thoughts. Okay, think. Where could they be? Right. the community meeting area. They were going to be doing yoga. But that place was like, a kilometer away. Ugh.

I started sprinting towards the place, and then abruptly stopped. It felt like someone was following me. I slowly turned around and saw… nothing. I swiveled my head back, but as I was doing that, I saw something peripherally. A pair of yellow eyes, glinting like gold in the unorganized bunch of dark green, artificial shrubs. I was about three meters away from the bushes. I froze. Okay, calm down. What should I do? Hmm… Play dead. Play dead.

I dropped to the ground and held in my breath. I didn’t know whether playing dead worked with wolves though. My heart was beating so fast, I could hear it; I just hoped the wolf wouldn’t hear it. A few moments passed, but it felt like a few eons. Is it looking at me? Is it even there anymore? Should I get up and check? No… what if is still there and pounces on me? No. I’ll just stay like this for some more time.

I finally gathered the courage to get up and check whether it was still there. It wasn’t. I released a long drawn breath. All of a sudden, it was exhilarating to be alive!

I continue on my quest to find my parents. Finally, I reach the meeting area, and see everyone peacefully doing yoga. I struggle to find my parents in the large group of people, and then I see my dad in the third phase of the surya namaskara. I quickly rush over to him and tell him everything that has transpired. He asks, “Where is your sister then?” I tell him that I’ve kept her safely in the room. He tells me to inform the others.

“Hey, everyone! I saw a wolf in the compound!” “A wolf?” someone asked. One woman screamed, and then all was quiet. “What do you think is safer, Geoff? Staying here or leaving? No answer. ” Geoff?” “Wh-what?” he blubbered. I repeated my question. “W-wolves? In the.. in the d-day time?” “Yes, Geoff. Now please answer my question.” “No, of course n-not. We.. we are c-completely safe… here. Just the walls of the cabins..” “Yes? What about the walls of the cabins?” “Nothing!” he says. “We’ll all be safe.”

His evasive reaction triggered me. “Safe my foot! Tell me, what is it about the cabins?” Seeing my anger, Geoff capitulated. “Th-they are only… made of w-weak wood.”

“Weak wood? Surely a wolf, upon knowing that humans reside in the cabins, would be able to tear through! We must escape.”

One man raised his hand. “I can drive a bus… If we could all board the buses we came in the other day, I could drive us to someplace safe.” “Alright, perfect. Everyone, there may be just one wolf now, but a pack may follow. We must start boarding the buses,” I said.

People start jostling to gain entry to the buses. “Make a line! It’ll be faster!” I shout. Eventually, I board the bus myself. I tell the bus driver to start the engines, and then turn around to find my parents. My mom seems to be saying something to me, but I can’t hear her over the melee. I try to lip-read the words. Where….Is……Your……Sister?

Shit. My sister was still locked in the cabin.

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